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If you exude the most, then don’t accept the least.

If you exude the most, then don’t accept the least.

Keep your standards high for how you project yourself, your energy, and what you accept as well. I’ve been on a journey, and truly have been trying to change myself internally. Perhaps change isn’t the right word, accept , allow, encourage, believe. Regardless, some time ago - I’m not sure how long ago, I decided I will be impeccable with my speech. I will only speak honestly, deliberately and with kindness. I falter sometimes, but I try as much as I can, and hold my self accountable when I’m not reaching the standard I’ve set for myself. I wish to speak positively so that my world reflects that same energy. As I changed myself in many was I saw the environment around me change.

However that was how I wanted to put out my energy; that was my purpose to ignite this change. I didn’t change what I was allowing myself to receive.

I used to let so many things slide, always making excuses for people because I always figured there’s a different perspective, it’s not personal. I was still allowing myself to absorb all kinds of negativity.

I got bullied growing up so my tolerance for allowing people to treat me and speak to me however which way they wanted was pretty high. Recently I just realized, if I’m going to try so hard to exude such positive vibes and kindness I will not accept anything less.

I will be impeccable with my speech and if you expect to have any relationship with me on any level, I expect the same in return. Period.

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