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The Elemnt is a platform that aims to delve deeper into the conversations surrounding identity and lived experiences and how it intersects with activism, ultimately contributing to a larger collective culture. Founded in 2016 through a series of open mic nights and write night events at a coworking space in Brampton, Lab-B. A series of events that led to local artists, entrepreneurs and community members networking and forming relationships.

In 2018, we expanded to radio by hosting a weekly show on Sauga960am. Bringing our dynamic personalities together to provide an engaging, informative and fun show. We've had the pleasure of bringing on amazing guest that range from artists, entrepreneurs and prominent community members from both the local GTHA community as well as visiting guests from all over the world. In our conversations we aim to delve into a deeper level of the why and inspire listeners on how every individual has the power to bring about change in their community.

Currently we are live on Sauga960am every Saturday from 2pm to 3pm, you can catch a repeat on Tuesday's from 8pm to 9pm and if you happen to miss both, you can listen to the podcast right here or or on your favorite podcast streaming platform.

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Gurjoat Gill (She/Her)

As a poet and a feminist, Gurjoat Gill continues to push the boundaries of social acceptability. She provides a fresh, honest and critical perspective to current social and political issues we face. She is an advocate for South Asian Women and showcases it through her focus on building resilient support systems for women through her work with Pink Attitude. She envisions a safe and equal space for all voices to be heard, and for justice to be served. 

Gurjoat sees the world as something that can be changed if everyone practices compassion and empathy. She truly believes patience and the ability to listen is key. Other than being a host and co-founder of The Elemnt, she is also the chief editor of Pink Times. 

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Taman Atwal (She/Her)

Born in Toronto - Raised in Mississauga, as a daughter of the Punjabi-Sikh diaspora settled on indigenous land, Taman Atwal calls multiple places home. She is an activist and a visionary who is dedicated to working towards change in the community she calls home. She is a strong believer of thinking global and acting local and believes that if everyone works together and does their part in advocating for justice it is possible. She has worked with multiple organizations planning awareness events, such as TurbanUp! in downtown Toronto which attracts approx. 7,000 people every year as well as coordinating learning workshops in the Sikh community, through Representation is not Resistance to build relationships and stand in solidarity with other marginalized groups. 

Taman views the world from the concept of oneness and uses a decolonial feminist lens to deconstruct ideologies and affairs of the world. Alongside always working on some community based project or another at any given time, she is also the founder, host, and producer for The Elemnt.

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Talveen Kaur (She/Her)

A multi-media artist and mental health advocate, Talveen Kaur is breaking barriers using her art to create intriguing visuals and animations in relation to pop culture, cartoons and music. A life long advocate for mental health, Talveen draws upon her life experiences and dialogue surrounding culture to have constructive conversations with maintaining safe and supportive communities. She tries to hold brave spaces for all, constantly looking to empower others. 

Talveen’s art has been published in publications like BriarPatch Magazine and she has gained acclaim through her Instagram art page where musicians like Nav & Smino have liked and re-posted her work. When she is not making art work or reading thought provoking literature she is busy being the co-founder and artistic director of The Elemnt.

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